Broman Law Ltd. offers a independent, neutral and loyal partnership in a exceedingly and continuously more complex world. We offer a specialised range of services tailored to Your needs. We offer objective analysis and advice in a precise and discreet way and take responsibility for the implementation.


Independent Business Law services for all company and owners needs.

Advise for owners and management on strategy and operational management questions.

Advise, matchmaking and execution for both buyers and sellers.From start of planning & scanning potential objects or buyers to valuation, negotiation planning and follow through. Your steadfast partner.

Financial advice on funding, Financial negotiations, capital allocation, investments decision for private companies. Scenario analysis for e.g.different investment decisions.

Ensures that all legal, tax and economic issues are analyzed and acted upon.Independent Wealth Planning, not connected to any actor offering investment products. No hidden fees or similar. Wealth Planning should be considered even before wealth accumulation.